Wang Yameng
Caprice no.17-paganini
Forest Dream - Barrios
Magpie Bridge (dedicated to Chen)
Meditaion - Barrios
Romance De Amor
Sonata (dedicated to Julian Bream) of the 1st movement (side Dange and packages Borrello) - Brad Will
Sonata (dedicated to Julian Bream) The 2nd movement (Sarabande) - Brad Wil
Sonata (dedicated to Julian Bream) The 3rd movement (Toccata) - Brad Will
Waltz No.3 - Barrios
Caprice no.5-paganini
Watercolor (dedicated to David Russell) 1st movement (Divertimento)-S. Assad
Watercolor (dedicated to David Russell) 2nd & 3rd movement (Waltz, Prelude and Toccata)-S. Assad

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