Andrés Segovia

Andrés Torres Segovia, Marques de Salobreña (February 21, 1893 – June 3, 1987) was a Spanish classical guitarist born in Linares, Spain who is considered to be the father of the modern classical guitar movement by most modern scholars. Segovia claimed that he rescued the guitar from the hands of flamenco gypsies, and built up a classical repertoire to give it a place in concert halls.
Segovia had many students throughout his career, including some famous guitarists such as John Williams, Eliot Fisk, Oscar Ghiglia, Christopher Parkening, Michael Lorimer, and Alirio Diaz. Many other guitarists, such as Lily Afshar, were also influenced by Segovia’s historic Master classes. These students, along with many others, carry on Segovia’s tradition of expanding the guitar’s presence, repertoire, and recognition.

J.S. Bach - 01 - Three Lute Pieces 1 Allemande.mp3
J.S. Bach - 02 - Three Lute Pieces 2 Sarabande.mp3
J.S. Bach - 03 - Three Lute Pieces 3 Gigue.mp3
J.S. Bach - 04 - Three Pieces from Violin Partita 1 Saraband.mp3
J.S. Bach - 05 - Three Pieces from Violin Partita 1 Bouree.mp3
J.S. Bach - 06 - Three Pieces from Violin Partita 1 Double.mp3
J.S. Bach - 07 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Prelude.mp3
J.S. Bach - 08 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Allemande.mp3
J.S. Bach - 09 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Courante.mp3
J.S. Bach - 10 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Sarabande.mp3
J.S. Bach - 11 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Bouree 1 & 2.mp3
J.S. Bach - 12 - Solo Cello Suite 3 Gigue.mp3
J.S. Bach - 13 - Lute Prelude.mp3
J.S. Bach - 14 - Siciliano from Violin Sonata 1.mp3
J.S. Bach - 15 - Gavotte en Rondeau from Violin Partita 3.mp3
J.S. Bach - 16 - Chaconne from Violin Partita 2.mp3

All Bach Program
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A Centenary Of Celebration Segovia

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Andres Segovia Etudes Download
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Manuel Ponce Sonatas
- Sonata Classica: I.Allegro, II.Andante, III.Menuet, IV.Allegro
- Sonata Mexicana: I.Allegro Moderato, II.Andantino Affettuoso, III.Allegretto,Tempo Serenata,     IV.Allegretto,un poco vivace
-Sonata Romantica: I.Allegreo Moderato, II.Andante Espressivo, III.Allegretto vivo-piu lento espressivo, IV. Allegro non tropo e serioso
-Cancion y Paisage


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20 Etudes F.Sor - Andres Segovia

Masters of the guitar

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