John Christopher Williams

is a classical guitar player.
Born in Melbourne, Australia on 24 April 1941, to an English father (Len Williams) and an Australian-Chinese mother, Williams was taught initially by his father. At the age of twelve he went to Italy to study under “The Maestro”, Andrés Segovia. Later, he attended the Royal College of Music in London, studying piano because the school did not have a guitar department at the time. Upon graduation, he was offered the opportunity to create such a department. He seized the opportunity and ran it for the first two years. Williams has maintained links with the College (and with the Northern College in Manchester) ever since.
Williams is best known as a classical guitarist, but has explored many different musical traditions. He has collaborated with Julian Bream and Paco Peña and was a member of the fusion group Sky. He is also a composer and arranger.

John Williams

Duo Guitar- John Williams and Timothy Kain

the Mantis & the Moon
01.Dance From La Vida Breve.mp3
02.Intermezzo From Goyescas.mp3
03.Danza Espanola no.6.mp3
04.Sonata in A major.mp3
05.Song From The Forest.mp3
06.The Mantis and The Moon.mp3
08.Carolan's Concerto.mp3
09.Fanny Power.mp3
10.Planxty Madam Maxwell.mp3

10 pieces allegro movement

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